September 2011 Concealed Carry Class

By Ken Dodd, Instructor,
FTA, Inc. Garner, NC

The September 2011 Concealed Carry Permit Class offered by Firearms Training Associates begins on Monday September 19th with a four-hour session in the evening that covers North Carolina law as it pertains to owning, carrying and using a handgun. We cover use of force, talk about open carry versus concealed carry, we cover applicable state laws and all the requirements a person must meet to obtain a firearm and a concealed carry permit in the state of North Carolina.

Class continues on Wednesday evening September 21st and is also a four-hour class that focuses this time on firearms safety. Our clients learn the parts of handguns, both revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. We discuss how to handle a firearm, what a proper sight picture looks like, how to care for and store a firearm, what can go wrong when you pull the trigger and how to rectify those situations.

FTA’s Concealed Carry Permit class concludes on Saturday the 24th with a four-hour, qualifying session on our range that generally starts mid-morning. With a focus on safety and staffed with 3 to 5 instructors depending on class size, we teach our clients proper stance and grip of the firearm and how to present, or draw, it from the holster. We believe our class is the most thorough offering in the Triangle, giving our students an in-depth exposure to rights, responsibilities and skills required for lawful firearm ownership.

If you make the decision to obtain a North Carolina concealed carry permit or if you’re just looking to broaden your experience and deepen your confidence with a firearm, we hope that you’ll look to FTA for the most comprehensive firearms training in the Triangle. You can go to the “Register Now” page on our website or all 800-673-7272 or 919-986-0630 to reserve your spot in class. See you this September.

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