Since 1995, Firearms Training Associates, Inc. has trained thousands of civilians and law enforcement officers in the safe, effective use of firearms. FTA prides itself in delivering a thorough, professional and enjoyable firearms training experience. Here’s what some of our graduates think about FTA, Inc.

“As a result of your course, I know feel much more comfortable with handling the gun, and with my understanding of the law and how I might respond in a threatening situation.” — Dan M.

“I learned far more than I expected. The focus on the responsibility of carrying a weapon…and the importance of being a responsible, mature person was outstanding.” — David T.

“As an educator myself, I felt the course material and the way it was presented was excellent, and I can’t think of anything I would suggest changing.” –Daniel M.

“This was one of the finest training classes I have every attended…and, in my career, I have attended many.” –Dave T.

“I enjoyed your class. Itw as well constructed and well delivered. You both showed an enthusiasm for what yo were doing. I feel I acutally learned things that I did not know.” –Roland P.

“Your course was very educational and your years as law enforcement officers was invaluable in our learning curve. I think your course should be required before anyone could purchase any firearm in the state. I personally feel your course was well worth the fee.” –Michael H.

“I was impressed by the range discipline and the serious tone of the classroom instruction. I was concerned to have highly-qualified instructors who would emphasize fundamental weapons safety in all aspects of handling, storage, and shooting. (FTA Instructors) exceeded my expectations.” — John G., Attorney at Law

“As an attorney, and former instructor in Constitutional Law, I can only say that the instruction was flawless. I was greatly pleased that FTA’s instructions in this area were precise and correct.” — John S., Attorney at Law

“I would like to commend FTA on the professionalism and knowledge exhibited in the presentation of the concealed carry handgun training course. The personal knowledge and true concern for the safety of the public was very evident to the class.” — Michael H.

“As a former Police Reserve Officer in Michigan, I was very impressed with your presentation and mannerism while conducting the class.” — Charles H.

“You guys are great, no B.S. I took an NRA course and yours is much better!” — Satisfied Customer

“I intend to sign my wife up for your next course!” — Satisfied Customer

“I enjoyed the lectures. I found the practical explanation about revolvers and semi-automatics to be great.” — Satisfied Customer

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