Selecting An Instructor: A Cautionary Tale

By Ken Dodd, Instructor, FTA, Inc. Garner, NC

Back in September we posted an article titled Why We Believe in 12 Hours of Training. Below is another reason why we run our courses the way we do.

From several news sources comes the story of a South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) approved Concealed Weapons Instructor who appears to have cut some corners in his instruction. According to reports the instructor charged his students a $65 fee, they were then fingerprinted, filled out an application and were given the answers to the course’s test. The class lasted less than an hour and there was no live-fire qualification.

According to SC law, concealed carry classes must be eight hours and include classroom instruction and a student must qualify by firing a handgun on the range. An undercover agent attended the class and documented the instructor deviating from the legal requirements for teaching a concealed carry class.

The instructor has subsequently been charged with perjury and subornation of perjury and here’s the real kicker, all the students who previously applied for and received a South Carolina CWP but have not completed the eight hours of required instructions are also subject to perjury charges!

A person looking to take a concealed carry weapons class in the Triangle has a lot of options. Prices run the gamut from $50.00 to $150.00 and some are done in an afternoon while others span a couple of days. We think we offer the best instruction out there but hey we’re biased!

Here’s the thing to remember about the ccw instruction you choose. There are legal requirements an instructor must adhere to and there are legal requirements a student must attain in order to apply for a ccw permit. The state of North Carolina through the North Carolina Justice Academy has established the curriculum. It’s four hours of classroom instruction on NC law as it pertains to carrying a firearm and the use of deadly force and four hours of firearms safety followed by qualifying with a handgun on the range.

If a concealed carry course delivers less than that not only is the student getting shortchanged, both the instructor and the student may run the risk of legal ramifications. At FTA, Inc. you will not find us cutting any corners. We provide the most in-depth and the most comprehensive ccw instruction in the Triangle and we’ve been doing it that way since 1995.

There are instructors in the area who are very good at what they do. There are also classes where you can get things done in have a day for very little money. Do your research, ask some questions and learn what you have to do to apply for a NC ccw permit. Like everything else in life, if a deal sounds too good to be true it probably is!

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